Wilier Triestina Unveils 3D Bicycle Customization powered by Missoun

Missoun delivered a game-changing 3D configurator for Wilier Triestina, revolutionizing their marketing strategy. This strategic partnership enables their customers to visually customize racing bicycles, leveraging Missoun's platform for efficient product management. The virtual garage feature enhances the purchase journey, allowing users to save configurations and consult with dealers. Wilier's adoption of 3D technology positions it as a leader, reshaping the cycling industry's marketing landscape.

Written by
Missoun Team
Published on
February 2, 2024
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Wilier Triestina, a prominent figure in the cycling industry, strategically partnered with Missoun to redefine its marketing strategy through 3D innovation. This collaboration aimed to introduce an immersive configurator on Wilier's new website, elevating the customer experience and setting new standards in the cycling market.

The launch of the 3D configurator on Wilier's new website marks a groundbreaking moment for the brand. Customers are empowered with the ability to visually customize their Zero and Filante racing bicycles through a highly interactive and immersive interface. The configurator allows users to experiment with various color combinations, delivering a personalized and engaging experience that resonates strongly with cycling enthusiasts. Wilier Triestina leverages their existing 3D assets on the Missoun platform. These 3D models extend beyond the specific requirements of the Missoun platform and can be used for a multitude of purposes in marketing and sales initiatives.

A pivotal advantage of adopting the Missoun platform is the capacity to generate numerous variations of a product, such as the Zero and Filante racing bicycles, from a single 3D model. The Missoun platform facilitates the creation of diverse color graphics, ranging from flat and glitter to sparkling glass finishes—all achieved without the need for duplicating models. This streamlined approach not only optimizes internal processes but also establishes the groundwork for a scalable and efficient marketing strategy.

Wilier's 3D configurator allows customers to save multiple configurations in their virtual garage. This space provides users with the freedom to explore and refine their choices at their convenience. Customers still rely on the extensive dealer network of Wilier, where they can discuss their saved configurations and finalize their purchase journey in physical shops. This bridging of the digital and physical spaces adds an extra layer of convenience for customers who can get professional advice and technical support during the purchase of high-value bicycles.

Results and Impact:

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: The 3D configurator significantly enhances customer engagement, offering a dynamic and personalized experience that resonates with the target audience.
  • Efficient Product Management: The ability to derive multiple product variations from a single 3D model streamlines internal processes, reducing complexities associated with managing different configurations.
  • Streamlined Purchase Journey: The virtual garage feature allows customers to seamlessly transition from online customization to in-person consultation with dealers, providing a comprehensive and efficient purchase journey.
Wilier Triestina's strategic adoption of the Missoun platform for 3D marketing propels the brand into a new era of customer-centric innovation. The 3D configurator and its seamless integration with the virtual garage and dealer networks not only enhance the customer experience but also establish Wilier as a leader in leveraging technology to create engaging and personalized cycling solutions. This case study showcases how a thoughtful integration of 3D technology can redefine marketing strategies and elevate a brand to new heights in the competitive cycling industry.

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