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Let your customers create their dream products, engage them with a new personalized and immersive shopping journey.

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Make your products configurable and sell them at scale

Manufacturers of complex configurable products use Missoun to manage product variants and give sales staff and customers a 3D configuration experience.

Engineering PLM


Transform the customer experience with an immersive 3D and AR product visualization

Configuration CPQ


Simplify the buying process by offering a user-friendly method for creating the desired product with real-time visualizations

Sales CPQ


Connect marketing, sales and manufacturing to automatically generate an order for each customer configuration

Increase Conversion Rates
3D visuals boost understanding, enhancing confidence and increasing conversion rates for informed purchasing decisions.

Innovative Brands
Utilizing 3D positions brands as innovative, providing modern, immersive experiences, fostering positive brand image and differentiation.

Longer Time Spent on Website
Interactive 3D captivates, extending user engagement for personalized experiences, improving brand perception, and increasing conversions.

Reduce Costs for Photo Shooting
3D eliminates costly photoshoots, offering flexible, cost-effective digital models for various marketing materials, reducing production expenses.

Customer Engagement
3D marketing fosters deep engagement, involving customers in product personalization, strengthening brand loyalty and encouraging repeat visits.

Reduce Time to Market
3D expedites product development, reducing time to market, ensuring agility to meet consumer demands promptly.

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Item CAD

Increase E-commerce Sales:
Boost online sales through immersive 3D product experiences for customers.

Precision with Guided Selling:
Eliminate order errors by guiding customers through accurate product configurations in 3D.

Empower Dealers with Virtual Inventory:
Dealers sell beyond physical inventory, expanding offerings through 3D visualization.

Amplify Sales Impact:
Equip your sales team to sell more effectively using the persuasive power of 3D.

Lower Return Rates:
Reduce returns by ensuring customers confidently choose products through enhanced 3D views.

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Variant management PLM

Automated BOM Resolution:
Instantly resolve bills of materials for customer-defined configurations, saving time and effort compared to manual processes.

Effortless Scheduling:
Automated production order creation enhances order scheduling, minimizing unplanned downtime and optimizing resource allocation for increased efficiency.

Reduced Prep Time:
Automatically link resolved BOMs to production orders for seamless traceability, streamlining the entire production process.

Avoid Production Issues:
Eliminate the risk of assembling incorrect components by automating BOM resolution and production order creation, ensuring accuracy in manufacturing.

Reduce Inventory Issues:
Easily deactivate unavailable parts in configurations, preventing orders for undeliverable products and enhancing overall inventory management.

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3D Configurator CPQ

Bring visual immersive experience anywhere

Missoun platform boosts sales bringing life to virtual products.

Bill of materials

Connect configurable product development and sales to planning, procurement and accounting processes.
Use Missoun to fully digitalise your business processes and maximise investments in your management system.

Bill of materials resolution PLM

Enterprise-grade architecture

Scalability, interoperability, and security are at the core of the Missoun platform.

Cloud Native
Built on the cloud-native Siemens low-code platform that ensures business velocity and growth.
Cloud native
Designed with an APIs first approach to guarantee easy integration with existing systems.
Open platform
Encrypt all data in transit and at-rest and run on ISO 27001 and SOC 1,2,3 certified cloud to protect intellectual property.
Secure platform

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