The cloud platform to develop and sell configurable products

Missoun combines PLM and CPQ capabilities in a single platform that helps manufacturers to improve productivity, reduce time-to-market and increase revenues.

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Make your products configurable and sell them at scale

Manufacturers of complex configurable products use Missoun to manage product variants and give sales staff and customers a 3D configuration experience.

Engineering PLM


Accelerate new product launches.

Sales CPQ


Increase revenue using a guided sales process.

Item and bom management
Forget spreadsheets: centralize product data in one location and get rid of inefficiencies, duplications and obsolete information.

Item revision and traceability
Establish a revision process that manages changes and provides data consistency

Product documentation
Attach files to items and ensure your team can always find updated documents

Product development collaboration
Help your teams work more efficiently with project management, file and message sharing on one platform

Cost and weight roll-up
Keep product cost and weight constantly under control. When an item in the bill of material changes, product cost and weight are updated automatically.

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Item CAD

Product families
Reduce the number of items you manage by creating product families, each defined by fixed items and possible variants.

Configurable rules
Configure rules to define constraints for product variants. A few simple rules enable you to manage a huge number of configurations.

Bom resolution
Automatically resolve bills of materials based on the product configuration, doing away with expensive, error-prone manual work.

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Variant management PLM

3D visualization
Increase customer conversion with an immersive 3D product customization experience, ensuring more customers finalize their purchases.

Product configuration
Simplify the sales process and allow sales staff to guide customers through product configuration.

Get rid of complex price lists: give customers transparency on the cost of each option and keep the total product price updated during configuration.

Don’t make your customers wait: create quotes immediately from the product configuration and allow customers to finalize purchases instantly.

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3D Configurator CPQ

Connect configurable product development and sales to planning, procurement and accounting processes.
Use Missoun to fully digitalise your business processes and maximise investments in your management system.

Bill of materials resolution PLM

Enterprise-grade architecture

Scalability, interoperability, and security are at the core of the Missoun platform.

Cloud Native
Built on the cloud-native Siemens low-code platform that ensures business velocity and growth.
Cloud native
Designed with an APIs first approach to guarantee easy integration with existing systems.
Open platform
Encrypt all data in transit and at-rest and run on ISO 27001 and SOC 1,2,3 certified cloud to protect intellectual property.
Secure platform

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