Service level agreement

Last update: October 10, 2022

This service level agreement (the “SLA”) sets forth the relevant service levels in relation to the Missoun platform as provided by Missoun to Customer under an applicable Order Form.

Support functionalities

The Missoun platform refers to the software provided by Missoun: i) Missoun PLM ii) Missoun 3D CPQ and iii) documentation. For the avoidance of doubt, Customer Data are not part of the Missoun software products. Missoun provides the following support functionalities at the addresses provided:
- Missoun Support Portal:

Submitting Support Requests

All support requests (incidents and change requests) need to be reported by submitting a ticket in the Support Portal (the “Support Portal”). This enables for all required information to be properly logged and tickets can be addressed in the fastest and most efficient manner. The Support Portal provides all information about the progress and status of raised tickets.

Support Process

After submission in the Support Portal, Missoun will analyze the ticket and, if applicable, try to reproduce the incident or evaluate the completeness of the information of a change request. If Missoun determines the root cause of the incident is the Missoun software product, Missoun will resolve the issue according to the assigned priority, as defined under section Priority Levels.
If the root cause of a reported incident is deemed to be an external failure (i.e. the root cause is not the Missoun software product, but e.g. a customer configuration), Missoun shall inform Customer of such fact and Missoun will have no obligation to resolve such issue. However, in such case Missoun shall use reasonable efforts in supporting Customer in resolving the incident which may include involving (paid) Missoun Expert Services. Missoun will seek Customer’s written approval and agreement to pay any related fees before performing such services.

Priority Levels

Priority levels are determined based on impact and urgency, as attributable to Missoun as set forth below.


- High: a high priority production incident with a high impact on Customer’s business, impacting (almost) all users
- Medium: a production incident with intermediate impact on Customer’s business, impacting a group of users
- Low: a trivial (production) incident with no impact on the customer’s business


- High: operational functionality is severely disrupted
- Medium: operational functionality is limited disrupted
- Low: operational functionality is not/hardly disrupted

If and where Missoun provides for a workaround solution the priority level can never be higher than Medium.

Support Hours

Support via the Support Portal is limited to the support hours as set forth below (excluding local holidays):

- 9 hours (9.00 – 18:00 Central European Time) x 5 days per week

Maintenance Windows

Missoun actively monitors the performance of the Missoun software products (including memory, storage, CPU usage and network connections). In order to keep the Missoun software products running smoothly, updates and fixes are regularly released. Any maintenance that needs to be performed to the Missoun software products shall be announced to Customer at least two weeks in advance. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of Missoun in relation to urgent security updates or issues that are causing critical production issues or severe security threats.