Wilier Triestina optimises its engineering process and boosts supply chain efficiency thanks to Missoun PLM

Wilier Triestina

Wilier Triestina is a world-leading bicycle producer and a jewel in the crown of Italian manufacturing. Over the past decade – particularly since 2008 – it has drawn on international cycling successes and an ever-evolving product range to continue expanding and building its presence in global markets, with percentage growth in turnover and production now reaching double figures.


Since 2020, the sharp rise in demand for sports goods and bicycles has placed the entire supply chain under great stress, leading to late deliveries and widespread customer dissatisfaction across the bike business. This inspired ultra-organised manufacturer Wilier Triestina to look at strategic investments in digitalisation, guaranteeing efficiency even in the face of global market turbulence.

“It has certainly been a challenging time, but there have also been opportunities for a company like ours which prioritises constant improvements. No one could have imagined the global economy would be plunged into crisis so suddenly. While the supply chain has been impacted, demand from our customers has risen at an incredible rate,”

explains Enrico Frison, head of engineering at Wilier Triestina.

Customer benefits

“We found what we were looking for in Missoun PLM, because it exactly matches our product development requirements. What’s more, the application is designed with the emphasis firmly on the user experience. We realised just how easy the platform is to use from the outset, as well as having the advantage of being entirely cloud-based.”

With Missoun PLM, Wilier Triestina can centralise and interconnect items, bills of materials, technical specifications and supply data. Authorised users get instant access to product data, plus full traceability and control of engineering modifications. Supply chain efficiency is guaranteed by the project collaboration and management function with external suppliers and contract manufacturers in Italy and beyond.

The benefits of Missoun PLM are enjoyed across many departments, easy data access and collaboration functions add value not only to engineering but also to the product management team, finance, purchasing office, sales, marketing and external suppliers.

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