Why use a 3D configurator to sell a bicycle?

This handy, eco-friendly, healthy means of transport is also cheap to maintain. It’s practical, yet stylish… If this was a riddle, we’d guess the answer straight away: it’s a bicycle!

A bicycle is more than just a means of transport

A bicycle allows us to daydream, and escape our everyday lives. As we pedal, we appreciate the silence of nature, and our travelling companions become brothers. We feel powerful, happy to clock up the kilometres with only our legs to carry us forwards.

Anyone buying a new bike can have hours of fun tracking down the right model, scrutinizing every last detail, and getting to know it so well it becomes an extension of their body.

So it’s vital that vendors show off their products as effectively as possible, enabling customers to visualize every aspect and communicating the value, quality and beauty of the bike they’re buying.

3D technology opens up incredible possibilities for cycling fans

Being able to see a bicycle in 3D is a truly “immersive” experience. Customers can rotate the bike through 360 degrees, zoom in and check it from every angle and in the finest detail: from the way the frame is soldered to the cabling, the type of bushing and bolts chosen by the manufacturer.

Configuring the bike adds another dimension. While supply issues can cause serious problems for manufacturers, being able to configure and customize a bike during the purchasing process remains a top priority for most consumers. Leaving aside gears, brakes, wheels and tyres, the colour palette is another vital consideration: customers want to be able to see their bike in various colour combinations before they choose their favourite.

An interactive product configurator lets customers mix and match different colours for the fork and parts of the frame from the comfort of their living room, while a 3D visualizer means they can study every last aspect of their new bike before they make their final choice.

Lastly, customer perception should not be underestimated. Providing a tool that lays the product open to minute scrutiny shows that the business has complete faith in what it produces.

Giving customers access to a 3D configurator so they can choose their dream bike is the mark of a pioneering business that prioritises new technologies.

These aspects tend to increase the customer’s conviction towards the purchase they’re making.

Extensive market research has shown how effective 3D technologies can be: selling products with a 3D digital configurator boosts the conversion rate, i.e. the number of visitors who finalize a purchase, by 40%. It enables customers to make a fully informed choice, and provides a means of scrutinizing their purchase down to the very last detail.

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