Speeding up the purchasing process for configurable products

Consumer interest in configurable or customizable products is increasing at an unrelenting pace today. As proof, we could quote market statistics or simply relate our own experiences, and acknowledge how much more exciting it is to order a personalized product – one which reflects our desires – than buying one straight off the shelf.

In this context, a common problem for vendors and customers alike is the impossibility of visualizing a product in its various configurations before choosing which one to buy.

Let’s imagine we’re a consumer who’s choosing the colourways and options for their object of desire, such as a motorbike. We need to decide the colour of the bike itself, the material and colour of the saddle, what type of exhaust it will have, the design of the wheel rims and travel cases.

Even though the customer is keen to finalize their purchase, not being able to see the motorbike in the configuration they’ve chosen may lead them to delay or abandon their purchase altogether.

How can we help customers choose a product that doesn’t physically exist in the exact configuration they’ve chosen, preventing them from seeing, evaluating and appreciating it?

Some manufacturers use 2D software configurators to help customers choose a product configuration, but experience has shown that two-dimensional images provide a very limited view of a product, and do not positively influence the customer’s final decision.

According to Gartner, “companies deploying 3D visual configuration on their website experienced a 10-50% increase in cart conversion rate and an increase in average order value of 30% to 50% because of higher attach rate for add-on features.”

Using a 3D product visualizer like Missoun 3D CPQ is an excellent way to assist customers with the decision-making process.

Customers can create different configurations independently, weigh up the various options and visualize them in real time.

What’s more, the product can be scrutinized up close, rotated and magnified, and visualized in full detail, gradually increasing the customer’s purchasing desire and enabling them to make their final choice independently.

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