Improving engineering process efficiency in the two-wheeler sector

In recent years, the two-wheeler industry has witnessed significant growth, due to both the pandemic and consumers’ increasing awareness of sustainability and health-related issues. However, the positive economic outlook has triggered significant concerns for manufacturers in the sector, particularly those with wider product ranges and innovation-oriented businesses that launch new collections every year.

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Missoun Team
Published on
February 2, 2024
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In recent years, the two-wheeler industry has experienced remarkable growth, driven by a combination of pandemic-induced trends and heightened consumer consciousness regarding sustainability and health-related concerns. However, while this growth presents lucrative opportunities, it also poses significant challenges for manufacturers, especially those with extensive product portfolios and innovation-focused strategies that introduce new collections annually.

As their engineering departments tackle the design of increasingly intricate products with expanding item counts, relying solely on Excel spreadsheets becomes an impediment rather than a solution. The limitations become evident as tracking product modifications becomes arduous, technical specifications go missing in the labyrinth of files, and identifying the latest Excel file versions becomes a convoluted task.

Embracing the Missoun Platform for Engineering Excellence:

In response to these challenges, forward-thinking industry leaders are adopting the Missoun platform to supercharge their engineering processes. With the Missoun platform, engineers bid farewell to Excel spreadsheets, instantly elevating their productivity.

Key Benefits of the Missoun Platform:

  • Centralized Item Management: All items are stored in a unified cloud platform, accessible to the entire engineering team.
  • Streamlined Modification Workflow: Modifications to items follow a structured review and approval process, ensuring complete control and traceability throughout product development.
  • Effortless Document Management: Managing drawings and technical specifications for each item becomes straightforward as files are seamlessly attached to engineering items on the Missoun platform, eliminating the need for cluttered server folders.
  • Comprehensive Product Control: The Missoun platform empowers users to interconnect individual items, bills of materials, product specifications, and externally sourced materials. This interconnected ecosystem delivers immense benefits for product developers.
  • Hierarchical Navigation: Engineers have complete control over their products, efficiently exploring components across different hierarchy levels, effortlessly finding the information they need. Each item is equipped with its own bill of materials, attachments, reference materials, and a list of products in which it is utilized.

Witness the Power of Missoun:

Explore this video below see how effortlessly product items can be navigated, and how the Missoun platform interconnects items, bills of materials, product specifications, and external materials, revolutionizing the engineering process.

Experience Engineering Efficiency:

If you are eager to experience a new era of engineering efficiency and want to learn more about how the Missoun platform can transform your operations, do not hesitate to connect with us . We are ready to answer your questions and provide comprehensive insights.