Improving engineering process efficiency in the two-wheeler sector

The growth of two-wheeler market and its consequent impact

In recent years, the two-wheeler industry has witnessed significant growth, due to both the pandemic and consumers’ increasing awareness of sustainability and health-related issues.

However, the positive economic outlook has triggered significant concerns for manufacturers in the sector, particularly those with wider product ranges and innovation-oriented businesses that launch new collections every year.

Their engineering departments are designing ever more complex products, with an increasing number of items. As a result, they are often unable to see through rigorous engineering processes using Excel spreadsheets alone.

It is difficult to keep track of product modifications, technical specifications go missing and it is unclear which versions of Excel files are the most recent.

For this reason, leading businesses are adopting the Missoun platform, enabling them to quickly implement an ultra-efficient engineering process.

Engineers can finally leave Excel spreadsheets behind and instantly boost their productivity.

Items are centralised on the cloud platform and can be easily accessed by all members of the engineering team.

Modifications to items follow a review and approval process, providing complete control and traceability for product development. Managing drawings and technical specifications for each item becomes incredibly simple: files are attached to engineering items on the Missoun platform, with no need to store them in folders on company servers.

The Missoun platform enables users to link individual items, bills of materials, product specifications and materials purchased from external suppliers. This brings huge benefits for product developers.

They have complete control over their products, and can browse components via different hierarchy levels to instantly find what they are looking for. Each item has its own bill of materials, list of attachments, reference material and list of products in which it is used.

This video shows how easy it is to browse product items, and how items, bills of materials, product specifications and external materials are linked together.