Driving Complex Manufacturing Excellence with 3D CPQ and PLM Integration

Written by
Missoun Team
Published on
May 31, 2024
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In the world of complex manufacturing, delivering highly engineered products efficiently is the key to profitability and a competitive edge. However, disparate systems and disconnected data flows can lead to errors, delays, and increased costs throughout the sales-to-production cycle.
By integrating visual 3D product configurator capabilities with a robust Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform, manufacturers can streamline their entire make-to-order process from the initial customer-facing configuration all the way through engineering, manufacturing, and final delivery.

The 3D CPQ - PLM Synergy

A 3D product configurator acts as the intuitive front-end sales tool, allowing customers to visually build their desired product based on predefined rules, options, and constraints. All valid product definitions, configurations, and rules are centrally managed within the PLM environment.
Once a customized product configuration is finalized in the 3D CPQ solution, the associated metadata are automatically passed to the connected PLM system that resolves the bill of materials (BOM) for production execution.

Key Benefits of the Integrated Approach:

Accelerated Cycle Times

By avoiding redundant data re-entry and costly design rework between disconnected systems, the overall timeframe from customer inquiry to shipped product is drastically reduced.

Increased Manufacturing Throughput

With seamless data handoffs and fewer errors to resolve, complex manufacturers can fulfill more customer orders in parallel, leading to higher revenues and better asset utilization.

Minimized Costs

The tight integration eliminates unnecessary physical prototyping costs by ensuring engineering and manufacturing build exactly per the customer-approved 3D configuration model. Manual rework is also reduced.

Improved Cross-functional Collaboration

3D visualization provides a seamless common language that aligns all stakeholders - customers, sales, engineering, manufacturing, suppliers - around each customized product definition from the earliest stages.

Seamless Data Flow from Start to Finish

By combining CPQ product configuration capabilities on the front-end with PLM as the central source of product data, companies establish a seamless digital thread that maximizes efficiencies across the entire value chain, from initial customer interaction to final delivery.

In today's demanding climate, complex manufacturers must relentlessly optimize their processes to stay ahead. By unifying intuitive 3D product configuration with robust PLM capabilities, companies can consistently deliver speed, accuracy, and quality for their highly specialised product portfolios.

Are disparate systems and data hampering your complex product sales and manufacturing cycles? Learn how integrated 3D CPQ and PLM applications can empower your company with streamlined processes, accelerated throughput, and full traceability. Schedule a meeting with our experts today to learn more.