3D Product Configurator: A Strategic Tool for Reducing Marketing Costs

Written by
Missoun Team
Published on
May 31, 2024
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In the world of manufacturing, controlling costs is always top of mind - especially when it comes to marketing and selling configurable products. Traditional marketing methods like photoshoots, product demos, and sales materials can quickly become expensive nightmares when dealing with a dizzying array of product configurations.

This is where investing in a 3D product configurator can pay major dividends as a strategic cost-saving tool. By streamlining processes around product visualization and sales enablement, manufacturers can realize significant reductions in marketing spend.

Eliminate Endless Photoshoots

For highly configurable products, hiring photographers and creating physical product samples to photograph every single potential SKU is simply not feasible. This "brute force" approach would require endless photoshoots tying up internal resources and outside vendors - an unsustainable cost.
With a 3D configurator, manufacturers can create photorealistic 3D models and renderings showcasing all options and configurations in a fraction of the time and cost. No more expensive on-site shoots required.

Consolidated Sales & Demo Tools

How do you efficiently educate sales reps, channel partners, and customers on your complex, configurable offering? Physical product sample kits quickly become outdated, cumbersome to ship and maintain.
3D configurators consolidate all these disparate sales enablement needs into a single unified tool. Reps can co-create and visually guide customers through configurations in real-time. Prospects can independently explore options through intuitive self-guided experiences.

More Effective Digital Marketing

Traditional digital ads and website imagery become stale and ineffective when companies lack the bandwidth to continually create assets showcasing new product versions and options. Refreshing this content is critical, yet extremely costly through typical means.

Configurators dynamically generate materials to use across digital channels - ads, websites, email campaigns, and more - that automatically reflect the latest product configurations customers can purchase. This maximizes digital marketing effectiveness while avoiding redundant content production.

By streamlining these usually labor and cost-intensive activities, a 3D product configurator becomes a strategic investment that reduces bloated marketing and sales overhead. An optimized configurator often pays for itself through increased sales and the eliminated need for costly traditional marketing processes.

For manufacturers selling complex, configurable goods, deploying a 3D configurator is a savvy way to simultaneously improve customer experiences and the bottom line through dramatically lowered marketing costs.

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