150% Bill of Materials

In the world of manufacturing, customization has become an increasingly important factor in meeting customer demands and staying competitive. To accommodate the diverse preferences and unique requirements of customers, manufacturers often employ the concept of a 150% Bill of Materials (BOM). This approach allows for greater flexibility and customization by expanding the BOM beyond the standard requirements. In this article, we will explore the concept of the 150% BOM in manufacturing industries, with a particular focus on how it enables enhanced product customization.

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Missoun Team
Published on
February 5, 2024
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The Power of Product Customization

Customization has emerged as a driving force in modern manufacturing. Customers now expect products tailored to their specific needs and preferences. By offering customization options, manufacturers can provide a unique value proposition, improve customer satisfaction, and differentiate themselves from competitors. The concept of the 150% BOM plays a crucial role in making customization a reality.

Understanding the 150% BOM

The 150% BOM represents an expanded Bill of Materials that goes beyond the standard or base requirements of a product. It includes additional components, parts, and features necessary to accommodate various customization options. This expanded BOM ensures that manufacturers have the necessary components on hand to meet customer requests for personalized products.

Enabling Customization

With the 150% BOM, manufacturers can offer multiple variant configurations of a product. Each variant shares a common base, but the expanded BOM includes the additional components required for each unique configuration. This allows customers to choose from a range of options and features that align with their specific preferences.

The 150% BOM supports the inclusion of optional features and components. Manufacturers can create a menu of customizable options that customers can select, such as upgraded materials, color choices, additional functionalities, or design variations. The expanded BOM ensures that all the necessary components for these options are accounted for during the production process.

By having a comprehensive 150% BOM, manufacturers can respond quickly to customer requests for customization. The availability of pre-determined additional components allows for faster production turnaround times, as the customization process becomes more streamlined and efficient.

BOM Resolution

In the context of configurable products, the term "BOM resolution" refers to the process of refining and finalizing the Bill of Materials (BOM) based on the customer's specific choices and configurations. The initial 150% BOM includes standard components and optional features, providing a broad range of possibilities. When the customer makes their selections and configures the product, the BOM is resolved to a 100% state. This means that it now includes only the parts and components relevant to the customer's chosen configuration. It's a way of streamlining the BOM to accurately represent the components needed for the specific product that the customer has designed or chosen.

Benefits of the 150% BOM

The adoption of the 150% BOM brings several benefits to manufacturing industries, including:

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Customization options provided through the 150% BOM result in products that align more closely with customer preferences. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased brand loyalty.

Competitive Advantage: Offering customizable products sets manufacturers apart from competitors who offer only standardized options. The ability to tailor products to individual customer needs strengthens the company's market position.

Efficient Production Processes: With the 150% BOM, manufacturers can anticipate and plan for customization requests in advance. This allows for better inventory management, optimized production scheduling, and reduced lead times.

Flexibility for Future Changes: The 150% BOM provides manufacturers with the flexibility to introduce new customization options or make modifications to existing ones. The expanded BOM framework can adapt to evolving customer preferences and market trends.


The concept of the 150% BOM has revolutionized manufacturing industries, enabling enhanced customization of products. By expanding the Bill of Materials to include additional components and features, manufacturers can offer customers a wide array of options to personalize their products. This approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also provides a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving market. As manufacturers embrace customization as a strategic imperative, the 150% BOM serves as a valuable tool to bring personalized products to life while maintaining efficient production processes

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