3D Configurator Software: Benefits for Manufacturers

3D configurator software is a tool that allows customers to customize and configure a product in a 3D environment. It provides an interactive way for customers to select different options and see how their choices affect the product they are interested in buying. Let’s explore the benefits of 3D configurator software for manufacturers, as well as its connections to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software.

3D configurator software is typically used by businesses that offer personalized products, such as bikes, motorcycles, boats, industrial and agricultural machines.
3d configuration software

Enhanced Customer Experience

A 3D configurator can help manufacturers provide a more engaging and interactive shopping experience for their customers. By providing customers with a more personalized shopping experience, manufacturers can increase sales and revenue, as well as reduce the number of returns and cancellations. Additionally, 3D configurators can reduce the amount of time and effort required from sales representatives, which can streamline the sales process and improve efficiency.

Reduced Costs

With 3D configurator software, manufacturers can reduce costs associated with physical prototypes and product photography, as the software can generate photorealistic 3D models of products. This can help manufacturers to bring new products to market more quickly and cost-effectively.

Better Data Collection

3D configurators can collect data on customer preferences and choices, which can help manufacturers identify trends and improve their product offerings. By integrating this data into PLM systems, manufacturers can create a more efficient and effective product development process, from the initial design stages to the final product release.

3D Configuration and Product Lifecycle Management

PLM refers to the process of managing a product throughout its entire life cycle, from conception to design, production and sales. A 3D configurator integrated into a PLM system can help manufacturers manage and simplify the product development process, enabling designers, engineers and other stakeholders to visualise and customise products in real time. This enables early identification and resolution of design problems, reduces the need for physical prototypes and improves collaboration between teams.

CPQ Software and 3D Configuration

CPQ (Configure - Price - Quote) software helps businesses configure products, generate quotes, and provide pricing information to customers. When integrated with a 3D configurator, CPQ solutions can provide customers with a more interactive and personalized experience. Customers can use the 3D configurator to customize and visualize the product they are interested in, and the CPQ system can provide real-time pricing information based on the options selected. The combination of a 3D configurator and CPQ software can also benefit manufacturers by streamlining the sales process and reducing the need for sales representatives to manually calculate pricing for each individual configuration.

Make your products configurable and sell them at scale with Missoun

Missoun 3D configuration software combines PLM and CPQ capabilities in a single platform that helps manufacturers to improve productivity, reduce time-to-market and increase revenues while providing customers with a more engaging and personalised shopping experience. Leveraging on the PLM, CPQ and 3D visualization capabilities of the Missoun platform, manufacturers can streamline and optimize their engineering and sales operations, resulting in a more successful and profitable business. Contact us for more information on our cloud-based software capabilities.

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