Product Configurators for Ecommerce in the Boat Market: Setting Sail with Customization

The marine industry is witnessing a significant shift towards direct-to-consumer sales, with an increasing number of buyers looking to personalize their products. As purchasing boats online becomes the new norm, marine companies need to adapt swiftly to this changing tide by embracing ecommerce strategies. Product configurators are emerging as key tools in this transition, enhancing both the selling and buying experience in the boat market.

Written by
Missoun Team
Published on
February 14, 2024
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Direct to Consumer: The New Marine Industry Standard

The move towards direct-to-consumer sales signifies a departure from traditional dealership models, offering marine companies a direct line of communication with their customers. This approach not only streamlines the sales process but also opens up new opportunities for customer engagement and personalization.

Personalization at the Helm

Today's buyers expect the ability to customize their boats to reflect their personal style and needs. Product configurators integrated into ecommerce platforms allow customers to tailor various aspects of their boats, from the hull design to the onboard amenities, making each purchase uniquely their own.

Navigating Ecommerce: Benefits for Marine Companies

Wider Reach: Ecommerce breaks down geographical barriers, allowing marine companies to reach a global audience.

Increased Sales: With 24/7 availability, ecommerce platforms can drive sales around the clock, unlike traditional showrooms.

Customer Insights: Online sales provide valuable data on customer preferences, enabling companies to refine their offerings and marketing strategies.

Cost Efficiency: Selling online reduces the need for physical showrooms and inventory, translating to lower operational costs.

Setting Sail Online: Advantages for Customers

Convenience: Customers can design and purchase their dream boat from the comfort of their home, saving time and effort.

Greater Choice: Ecommerce offers a broader range of customization options, ensuring customers find exactly what they're looking for.

Informed Decisions: Product configurators provide real-time visualizations and pricing, helping customers make well-informed choices.


As the boat market rides the wave of ecommerce, product configurators stand out as essential tools for both marine companies and customers. They not only facilitate the personalization process but also enhance the overall ecommerce experience. For marine companies looking to thrive in this digital era, the time to embrace ecommerce and product configurators is now.

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